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The Pool

Connor & Blake in pool

Summer of 2011 we bought an “easy pool” for the boys. This easy pool kept collapsing in the back yard. It became a FIGHT to keep it up; and I do mean FIGHT.

The Bob I married would have fixed it. He would have made it right. The Bob I have now (fighting cancer again Bob) was too tired. He’d look out the window and say “Kim, that pool doesn’t look right” then go back to the couch for a nap.

I was infuriated that cancer was taking Bob away from me again. Don’t get me wrong – my faith tells me that Bob is healed. Bob will not die, but live to declare the works of the Lord! But the journey continues to sap the energy out of him…and me. The pool collapsing over and over again was just a reminder to me that we were being beat up over and over again.

I would watch him go for his nap and get so angry that I’d march out the back door, down the rickety splintered deck stairs (something else that my tired Bob hasn’t fixed) and drain that pool again to start over. “I will not let this pool beat me!” was my mantra.

Bob helped when he could, my dad helped, Katie helped, both of my sons-in-law helped…but I felt like I was the only one committed to seeing this pool “not beat me”.
After 5 times of draining the pool…5 times of leveling the ground…5 times of refilling the pool…immeasurable amounts of sweat and tears (yes, I cried)…we did it! Persistence and perseverance paid off.

Can I persistently believe for healing? Can our perseverance in this fight against cancer pay off? Yes, God’s word is true. We will not be beat.

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Satan Recyles

I’m trying to ‘find my strength’ again. Need to stop letting the enemy push me around. Just need to stop retreating, and feeling sorry for myself.
So…back to what I KNOW.
God is the CREATOR. He created me, he created Bob, he created the earth, the stars the oceans the mountains the flowers.
Satan creates nothing. Satan re-uses. He recycles the same old thing. He recycles my hurts, pain, problems … against me.

Satan is green.

He is not creative. He is boring. So much so, that this time, this battle with cancer is so eerily the same it’s almost ridiculous.
For example: The life insurance agent from 7 years ago called!! I actually laughed out loud. You gotta be kidding me…the enemy is trying to re-use something exactly the same as before. Wow.
And the feeling that I have of not being loved, being alone, being abandoned by my husband. Same.
And the work stuff being overwhelming….really overwhelming…same.
The monsters at work are different. But really it’s all the same. Nothing has changed.

Satan didn’t have anything new, so he used cancer again. And he even used it the same way as last time.
The basement flooded…A/C condenser clogged and the carpet is a mess. The pool…ha ha….the pool (long story – next blog?). All of this “house” stuff that never stops. Like the extension cords that I stretched all over the house 7 years ago when Bob was in the ICU. Now I just find myself stretching .
Things need to be done. Weeding, the garage refrigerator needs to be cleaned out, and that cluttered closet…..
Same as before. Life goes on. You still have to do the dishes.
I spoke with someone who was happy, fit, relaxed….and actually got a bit jealous. Almost cried. Same.

The enemy is attacking me the same places as before. Lord help me to find what I’m supposed to out of this one. The enemy is the same…..and SO ARE YOU!
Amen. You win God. You are my healer, deliverer, redeemer. You are my creative all-powerful God. You win. I trust you.

So this time, God will do the same. JC is the same Yesterday, Today and forever.
I’ll take more of the same. I just need to see it clearly, through the eyes of my creator.

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My mom always says “whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”. I know that this fight is not killing me, but I sure don’t feel stronger. I feel weaker.
The bible says that HIS strength is made perfect in our weakness. I feel weak…so His strength must be being made perfect. I rest only in knowing that HE is strong, and that His strength is what is holding me up. This fight is pushing me back into Him, into His strength. I feel so weak, so small. Thank you God that you are so big, and that You’ve called me back into this place. I won’t run away from you, I will be vulnerable to You. I can’t hide from what is happening…but I can hide in You. Under the shadow of Your wings I will find rest, I will find strength to go on. Those who wait upon the Lord will renew their strength. I will wait. Maybe not so patiently or gracefully…but I will wait. I will wait on God to move, again. He will.

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why i haven’t started…

Maybe I think a blog should be encouraging, or interesting…and all I can do when I sit here to write is question and complain. WHY? Why is cancer attacking Bob again? Why are we dealing with this fight again? Why am I so discouraged? Why am I feeling defeated? Why us? Why, why, why?!?!? No one wants to read this, no one wants to listen to complaining. Heck I don’t even want to listen to it myself. So instead of puking all over these pages I had decided to keep it all inside. Good choice? I think not. Soooo….let the questioning / complaining / puking all over these pages begin.

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Greece 2010

We went to Greece last year.  Thought I’d get a picture posted.

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Aimie’s Blog


No, I’m not cheating by posting someone else’s blog.  I will eventually get there.  But for now….

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The Good Fight

Imagine looking death in the face. Imagine getting a devastating diagnosis with little medical likelihood of beating it. In The Good Fight: Our Battle with Cancer, the Hritz family faces just that. When Bob Hritz, the narrator Kim’s beloved husband, is diagnosed with bone marrow cancer, they consulted with the appropriate medical experts. However, it is not the medical experts who have the answer. Their faith was in God. This powerful story of devotion and of God’s love for us proves that it is He, and He alone, who can provide miracles.

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